3 Crucial Benefits of Finding an Experienced Whistleblower Attorney for Your Case


Whistleblower law firms

It’s never easy to call a friend out for doing something wrong, and it’s infinitely more difficult to expose the wrongdoings of your employer. Reporting fraud or criminal behavior on behalf of your employer, a process known as whistleblowing, has helped the U.S. government catch thousands of companies in the act that would have otherwise gone unnoticed.

Whistleblower cases are some of the most complex cases in law, which is why you cannot step foot in the courtroom without an experienced whistleblower attorney by your side. The benefits of finding a trusted whistleblower attorney are endless, from helping you feel secure to potentially earning a financial reward.

You can not go through this process alone, and you need a whistleblower lawyer that understands the detailed intricacies of whistleblower law. Here are three of the most crucial benefits to seeking whistleblower protection from a qualified whistleblower attorney:

  • Peace of mind. If you’ve been hesitant to report fraud on behalf of your employer because you feel like it’d be a betrayal, you should know that this process is highly confidential. Whistleblower attorneys understand the situation you’ve been forced into, which is why you need to seek the representation of a lawyer with experience in this field of law.
  • Protection against retaliation. The most common reason that whistleblowers desire confidentiality is because they fear retaliation from their employer. Whistleblower retaliation statistics prove that this prevents many people from bringing these issues to court. In fact, about 22% of whistleblowers said they experienced retaliation because of their actions. These people did not seek the help of an experienced whistleblower attorney. By finding the right representation, you can actually counter-sue in the event of employer retaliation.
  • Potential financial rewards. Aside from the altruistic reasons associated with whistleblowing, you should know that a whistleblower attorney can help you receive financial compensation for your efforts. The federal government has paid more than $4.2 billion in awards to whistleblowers in the past 30 years, including approximately $3.6 billion since 2001. You deserve some type of reward for displaying integrity, and a qualified lawyer can help you obtain it.

If confidentiality concerns and potential retaliation has prevented you from reporting fraud or criminal activity, it’s time to take back your civic duty with the help of an experienced lawyer. Get in touch with a trusted whistleblower attorney and receive the compensation you deserve.

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