3 of the Craziest Divorce Stories to Put Any Case in Perspective


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Not all of the cases divorce lawyers see are pleasant. Most, in fact, probably aren’t. However, divorce attorneys sometimes see cases that are downright mind boggling. If you think your divorce is rough, here are just a few strange cases that can help put things in perspective.

The Wife Who Divorced Her Husband Because of What the Parrot Was Saying. – If your pet parrot starts repeating the words “divorce,” “be patient,” and “I love you,” seemingly out of nowhere, you should probably suspect that something’s up, which is exactly what one woman in China did. She took her case — and the bird — to a divorce lawyer for a consultation. The attorney wasn’t too optimistic, and sure enough, the court didn’t accept evidence from the bird.

The Wife Who Divorced Her Husband For Cleaning Too Much – When what was once charming becomes infuriating, a marriage is surely staring to dissipate. For 15 years, a German woman put up with her husband’s habit of cleaning, tidying, and rearranging furniture. However, in 2009, it got to be too much. She filed for divorce after he knocked down and rebuilt a wall because it got dirty.

The Husband Who Divorced His Wife Because She Lied About Her Age. – When she was 30, a woman was proposed to. She and her fiance got married, and stayed that way for 10 years, until he found out the truth. He thought she was only 24. When he realized she’d tricked him, he filed for divorce, and the court granted his wish.

No split is ever easy. Just ask a divorce lawyer. Sometimes though, things can get downright strange. No matter how weird your split may or may not be, though, it’s always wise to contact your area’s local family law attorneys, and get help.

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