3 Things the Best Law Firms Do (and Don’t Do)


Personal injury cases

Whether you’re wanting to file a personal injury lawsuit, a wrongful death lawsuit, an employment discrimination claim or a routine real estate contract, you’ll want a great attorney at law on your side. But how can you really tell which law firms are the best law firms, with all the lawyers out there advertising on the Internet, billboards and TV? Obviously, you’ll want to make sure any law firm you’re considering has attorneys whose specific experience lines up with the kind of legal help you need. But there are also some more general signs that can help you identify the best law firms. Here are three:

  1. They Don’t Pressure or Pursue You

    Good lawyers won’t reach out to you after an accident (that’s called ambulance chasing, and it’s prohibited by the American Bar Association), and they’ll never pressure you into taking a legal option that makes you uncomfortable. A lawyer may let you know about the timeline you should be aware of, since statutes of limitation mean you have to file some lawsuits within a specific amount of time, but he or she will never use that time crunch to encourage you toward more involved legal action than you’re prepared for.

  2. They’re Realistic About Your Case

    It’s normal during a consultation for a lawyer to let you know how strong or weak your case appears based on the evidence at hand. But that doesn’t mean guaranteeing an outcome (which even very top lawyers can’t do) or inflating your expectations for compensation. It’s best to go in with a realistic idea of where you stand, even if that position isn’t as strong as you’d like it to be.

  3. They’re Happy to Answer Questions

    Transparency is incredibly important when it comes to working with attorneys. You should feel free to ask questions about your case and the legal process — and you should expect to get clear, courteous answers. Your lawyer works for you, so you should never feel that you get brushed off or belittled for asking for more information.

What are some other signs that can help laypeople spot the best law firms around? Join the discussion in the comments.

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