3 Ways for Lawyers Can Distinguish Themselves


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When someone is arrested or accused of a crime, they will start to frantically look for a competent lawyer to handle their case/ The key is to help yourself and other lawyers in your firm stand out against your competition when potential clients begin their search. So how can you stand out? Read on for a few simple ways to break away from the crowd.

Be Affordable

For many people, just trying to afford a lawyer is the hardest part of their case, due to any number of financial burdens. Becoming more affordable and accessible to your potential clients can do wonders for your business. This is especially true for law firms practicing in low income areas, or in places where you have a lot of competition.

Online Presence

In today’s internet- and social-media-obsessed society, an online presence is huge for any kind of business. About 49% of those responding to a Harris Poll said they were very or somewhat likely to turn to a website where they can ask legal questions for a lawyer to answer first. Also in a Harris Poll, 44% said they were very likely to consult a lawyer’s website before calling them for help. Optimizing all of the ways your potential clients can find you online can be the difference between landing or not landing a client.


When you focus on one area of law, you can become an expert known for that kind of offense. For example, more than 1.4 million individuals are arrested every year for their first DUI offense. If you market yourself as a DUI expert, their first instinct will be to call you, rather than someone who may partly focus on that offense.

Do you use any of these tactics for helping your practice stand out? Which ones have you had the most success with and why? We would love to hear your thoughts and comments!

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