5 Government Relations Mistakes to Avoid


If you’re new to government relations, this video offers insights on how to successfully navigate the government bureaucracy. When it comes to federal government relations, try to avoid these five mistakes listed in the video.

1. Not Having a Desired Outcome

To be a successful lobbyist, you need to understand the process of lobbying. More importantly, you need to have a clear understanding of your goal and desired outcome.

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Unsuccessful lobbyists go into the process with little knowledge of the complexities of government.

2. Lack of Urgency

The tides of government can change rapidly, so it’s important to act urgently in all steps of your lobbying process. A lobbying service may be helpful in this regard, as they will have more experience navigating and anticipating these changes.

3. Complicated Presentation

As a lobbyist, you need to be aware of your audience’s time and workload. Many officials will have back-to-back meetings, as they are working on multiple projects simultaneously. To avoid any confusion and offer your cause the best conditions for success, make sure that you are presenting a clear picture of the problem and solution.

4. Miscommunication

Make sure that you are identifying your target audience and strategically planning communication in ways that will be appealing to your cause’s key players.

5. Undervaluing Marketing

Don’t overlook marketing techniques to extend your lobbying reach outside of meetings and written correspondence.

Whether you’re new to federal government relations or an old pro, these are five great tips to keep in mind.


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