Are You Looking for a Divorce Attorney?


When you are planning the lists of guests for the wedding, you never imagine that there could come a time in the future when you will be looking for divorce help. When you are asking your best friends and closest relatives to stand up with you, it is difficult to imagine that you might at some time need remediation services to help determine difficult family law matters. And when you are opening all of your wedding gifts the day after the wedding, you never imagine that you will sometime be asking your friends for recommendations for uncontested divorce lawyers.

The fact of the matter is there are many times when we are making plans for a lifetime with the one we loved that we simply could never imagine that marriage ending. Unfortunately, statistics show that 19.2% of couples say they divorced due to incompatibility and another 10.6% indicate that they are divorcing because of drinking or drug abuse, according to a study published in the Journal of Family Issues. Not surprising, these are the items that no one plans for. When your marriage is failing, however, it is important to get the legal help that you need.

Legal Divorce Help Can Help You Navigate Some of Life’s Most Challenging Transitions

Whether you are looking for remediation services for a child custody arrangement or you are in search of an attorney to handle your third divorce, it is always important to get the legal help who has the most experience in the area where you need help. Although divorce can be initiated by either person in a couple, women file for the majority of divorces in two-thirds of the cases.

Fortunately, in the most complicated of cases there are resources available. And while in 29% of custody cases, the decision was made without any third party involvement, the fact of the matter is there are people available to help. Of the couples who are in need of help, couples therapists report 50% of their caseload is in therapy due to infidelity, according to the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT).

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