Do You Need an Estate Planning Attorney?


There are many things to consider when it comes to hiring an estate planning attorney. This is especially true when you take into consideration how serious estate planning can be. It is actually a serious business. All it takes is a missing signature or one wrong word and the entire intent of a trust or will is changed, and possibly not for the better. It takes a qualified estate planning attorney to fully draft exceptional estate planning documents.

You Need an Estate Planning Attorney Ottawa

You want to make sure that all of your wishes are protected and upheld. There is no better way to ensure this than hiring an estate planning attorney that offers services that involve great planning as well as a smooth transition in regards to navigating your estate and its administration. This helps you and your family prepare should there ever be a dispute.

Life Can Be Complicated Estate Planning Doesn’t Have to Be

Today more families are blended and included business interests, common-law relationships, charitable giving, investments, recreational properties and dependents with disabilities. Those are just a few examples that need to be considered while preparing for estate planning. An estate planning lawyer can help you take every aspect into consideration and assist with every stage of estate planning.

What Are the Stages of Estate Planning?

The first stage of estate planning is actually planning. This is when your estate planning attorney will lead in you drafting wills, assisting with gifts and bequests as well as powers of attorney. Next is the administration stage where trustees are assisted in every aspect of managing an estate. The last stage is the litigation stage that deals with any legal disputes relating to a will or an estate. When you take the time to prepare carefully today, you are ensuring that your loved ones are left without any costly complications and with peace of mind.

An Estate Planning Lawyer Kanata Is the Only Way to Go

Using an estate planning attorney Kanata is an advisable choice. Sure, you may be able to find estate planning forms online, or in a DIY book, but you will not be receiving the necessary legal services an estate planning attorney can provide. They know how to correctly prepare all of the necessary documents and save your family from a rude awakening of self-prepared documents being filed incorrectly, or if the documents filed just are not valid. You do not want to risk the future well-being of your loved ones, hire an estate planning attorney and save everyone money in the event mistakes need to be fixed.

Estate Attorneys Can Sort out Complex Financial and Family Situations

There are many situations that are considered complicated when it comes to estate planning. Are you in a second or third marriage? Do you own real estate out of the country? Do you own a business or more than one business? Do you have minor children? How about a disabled family member? Perhaps you want to leave part of your estate to charity. Do you have substantial assets? Have you been recently divorced? There are many reasons a lawyer is most helpful when it comes to planning your estate in the precise manner you prefer.

If any of the situations above apply to you, then you should seek legal counseling to get the advice needed to get your estate planned properly. You most certainly do not want to involve probate lawyers later. Make sure your estate is firmly in place with properly executed documents put in place by your estate planning attorney.

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