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Federal appeal attorneys

Have you or a family member been convicted of a crime unfairly. If you feel that the court came to a decision due to a flaw in the justice system or some other legal faux pas, you may want to hire a criminal defense attorney who works specifically for appeals law firms.

Criminal appeals attorneys help to present your claim to an appellate or federal court that a a mistake in the way the trial was conducted effectively kept the proper decision from being reached.

In the United States, there are a total 13 circuits that make up the judiciary, and each region has an appeals court of its own. During every term, the Courts of Appeals are asked to hear over 10,000 different cases.

In order to ensure that your case is entertained by the appeals court, you’ll want to be certain that you choose a criminal appeal attorney who has a proven track record of reviewing clients’ cases and applying his or her intimate understanding of the law to identify miscarriages of justice that have occurred.

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