Four Life-Threatening Situations That May Force You to Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer


Minnesota personal injury lawyer

In the United States, around 95% to 96% of personal injury lawsuits never make it to trial and instead are settled out of court. However, that doesn’t mean that such incidents should be taken lightly. Some of the situations that may push you to hire a personal injury lawyer can be downright life-threatening.

A personal injury lawsuit may be the result of some of the following incidents:

  • If you’ve been injured in a car accident: Each year, more than two million people are injured in vehicle accidents that leave them with anything from concussions and mild injuries to traumatic brain injuries and spinal paralysis. A personal injury attorney will make sure that you get the justice you deserve, especially if the other driver was at fault.
  • If you’ve been hurt on the job: Accidents can happen at work any time due to a number of reasons. If your employer was to blame, however, either for failing to provide proper safety equipment or for improperly training employees, then you may be able to file a claim. If that claim gets denied, then you have the right to an attorney, as well.
  • If you’ve been injured by a defective product: Consumer products can lead to accidents if they are improperly used, of course, but sometimes operator error isn’t to blame. And it’s not only items brought into the home. Even the features at amusement parks lead to around 7,000 injuries annually. If you were injured due to a fault in machinery, amusement park rides, or other items, then it is crucial to contact an attorney to find out if you deserve a settlement.
  • If you’ve been a victim of police misconduct: Police misconduct is a topic that has appeared in the news several times over the past year or so. These incidents can involve anything from victims being wrongly accused of a crime or intimidated into a false confession to being arrested without probably cause or physically harmed through use of excessive force. An attorney who handle personal injury and police misconduct cases can let you know if you can file this type of lawsuit.

While you’re on the path to recovery, make sure that you give serious consideration to your options for legal representation. If you have questions about when to seek legal advice for injury or how to find an attorney, leave a comment below.

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