How to Get Your Workers’ Compensation Medical Treatment Approved


Understanding the ins and outs of the workers’ compensation system can be challenging, especially when it comes to getting your medical treatments approved. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you understand the process and increase your chances of approval.

1. Visit Your Primary Treating Doctor

The first step in the workers’ compensation process is to see your primary treating doctor. Your doctor will assess your condition and determine what treatments are necessary for your recovery.

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It’s essential that your doctor is familiar with the workers’ compensation system to ensure that their treatment requests meet all state guidelines.

2. Doctor Submits a Treatment Request

Once your doctor identifies the necessary treatments, they will fill out a request form and send it to the insurance adjuster. This form includes details about the proposed treatments and the reasons they are needed. The insurance adjuster’s job is to review this request and determine whether it adheres to the guidelines set by the state.

3. Utilization Review Process

The adjuster will conduct a Utilization Review to evaluate if the requested treatments meet the state’s criteria. If the treatments align with these guidelines, they will be approved, and you can move forward with your care. However, if the treatments do not meet the criteria, the request will be denied.

4. Appeal Denials

If your treatment request is denied, you have the right to appeal the decision. This appeal is reviewed through an Independent Medical Review (IMR), where an independent doctor examines your case. It’s important to note that the success rate for appeals is relatively low, with over 90% being denied.

5. Understand the Waiting Period

If a treatment is denied, it remains denied for one year unless there are changes in your circumstances. It’s crucial to communicate any updates to your L&I lawyer and your doctor to manage the appeals process effectively.

By following these steps and working closely with your doctor and attorney, you can better navigate the workers’ compensation system and increase your chances of getting the medical treatment you need.


Increase Your Chances of Getting the Medical Treatment You Need

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