Possible Situations Leading to A DUI


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You may think that getting arrested for a DUI charge is a simple thing. You may thing that it doesn’t take very many steps. Drink, drive, get arrested. That said, you would be wrong. While yes, there are many situations and scenarios that act out just like you imagine, there are others that are more complicated. Look up DUI laws by state, and see that there are different takes on what a DUI looks like. If you need more convincing, here are a few situations that could lead to your arrest for DUI.

  1. If You’re Drunk In An Unmoving Car
    That’s right, you could be arrested for being in a car that isn’t even moving. Say for instance your car broke down. If you’re still drunk and a police officer finds you, he can still fine you. Even if you’re trying to do the moral upstanding thing and want to sleep off the drunkenness, an officer can still arrest you.
  2. Pushing the Car
    The same could be said if you decide to get out and push the car. This could be if the car isn’t moving because there’s an internal problem, or it’s just that you’re that drunk. No matter what, if you’re BAC is too high you might need to find a good lawyer.
  3. Prom
    Ah yes, prom. It’s a great time for teenagers. You’re about to graduate and enter the real world. You’re hanging out with friends, that special someone, and maybe a spiked drink or two. Keep in mind, if you get in a car while intoxicated, depending on the DUI laws by state, you won’t have to just worry about criminal law concerning drinking and driving but also concerning your underage drinking.
  4. Found out Later
    Another scenario would be if you thought you got away with it. You drove home and got yourself in bed safe and sound. Then, a few hours later you hear a banging on the door. You open it and find a police officer there. She may want to give you a few tests and finds that you’re BAC hasn’t gone down. Guess what, it’s time to call a criminal defense firm because you’re being arrested. Yes, the police can arrest you after the fact as long as your BAC hasn’t gone down. You may think you’re in the clear, but someone could always report you and get you caught at a later time.
  5. A Different Vehicle
    Yes, you can even be arrested if you’re not driving a car. If you’re driving a moped for instance, you can still get arrested for DUI. In fact, in California people were arrested for biking while intoxicated. This is why looking up DUI laws by state is so important.
  6. Being A Passenger
    Then, if you think being a passenger can protect you, it may not. Again, the potential charges can change by the state. In some situations, you can be charged for reckless endangerment if you don’t get behind the wheel instead of your intoxicated friend. In other cases, you could possible be fined for a DUI charge even if you weren’t driving. The reasoning for this claim could be that you gave consent for the crime and as such are equally susceptible for the backlash and responsibilities for said crime. This would then lead to the need to find a DUI attorney.
  7. Switching
    But what if you try to trick the police. Say for instance, you are the drunk driving and you and the sober passenger try to switch. Do you think nobody will notice? If someone does, you’re both in big trouble. Not only will you get in trouble for drunk driving, but your sober friend will also now be punished with a charge, and in some cases the same charge. So, not only will you get slapped with a DUI, but your friend is now going to be troubled with one too.

This is all to say that you can find yourself in with a DUI charge easily. Not all of the situations are as simple as willingly driving and endangering yourself and others while drunk. So, with that in mind, look into the DUI laws by state and know the risks that you take every time you get behind the wheel.

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