Read This Relationship Advice From a Divorce Lawyer


Relationship advice from an unexpected source James Sexton, a divorce lawyer and author of “How to Stay in Love.” Sexton’s unique perspective sheds light on the intricacies of relationships, offering valuable insights that can benefit couples seeking lasting love.

Divorce attorneys, despite dealing with the aftermath of broken marriages, often possess a wealth of wisdom on how to keep relationships strong. According to Sexton, these legal professionals tend to have lower divorce rates, given their deep understanding of what causes relationships to unravel.

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Sexton highlights the rapid onset of falling in love and the gradual decline that follows, emphasizing that small disconnections contribute to losing the plot of the relationship. His advice underscores the importance of addressing discomfort openly and communicating effectively to prevent silent resentments from causing marital issues.

The conversation also touches on the challenges of transitions within a relationship. Sexton draws from personal experience, discussing adjustments needed when his partner retired. This highlights the importance of using effective tools, such as honest communication, to successfully navigate changes in a relationship.

In one scenario, a couple seeks advice on balancing their differing organizational approaches. Sexton suggests finding a happy medium and making room for spontaneity in relationships.

In essence, this relationship advice from a divorce lawyer encourages open communication, addressing discomfort proactively, and navigating transitions effectively. It provides couples with a fresh perspective on fostering a healthy and enduring partnership.


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