Supreme Court declines to hear 'boobies' bracelet case

Supreme Court declines to hear ‘boobies’ bracelet case


Attorneys of Philadelphia are planning to ask a judge of district court to permanently bar a district school of Pennsylvania that forces students not to wear bracelets of rubber called “Boobies”.  The move came after the school registered its plea for hearing an appeal of freedom of speech.  On the other hand, the High Court had already rejected the case from the district school Easton without providing any comment.

Besides, the school authorities challenged the decision of Federal Court which ruled out that the bracelets are not lewd in any way.  Actually, this case had started from 2010 when 2 girls of 12 and 13 years of age challenged their school’s ban on wearing the rubber bracelets. These rubber bracelets were engineered to promote breast cancer awareness among the young people and it was supposed to be a good step.

Kayla Martinez and Brianna Hawk filed a suit against the school authorities for suspending them under the defying charge. Besides, John Freund III the school district’s attorney said that “we are really disappointed from the Supreme Court decision”.  He said that this case was supported by national and state school boards associations and American Association of School Administrators and it should have been heard.

Furthermore, the attorney of school Freund quoted principal and said that “It is not a good to promote prurient interest in female breast among the 7 standard school students”. Besides, it is against the dress code policy of schools.

Last but not the last, Kimmy McAtee spokeswoman for the Breast Foundation of California said that “These items are a good source of healthy discussion on breast health and should not be taken in negative way”.

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