The best time to seek out a lawyer for your construction project


You’ve done it! You’ve made it into the business you’ve been dreaming about for years. All of those days of playing with building blocks and constructing your skyscrapers and homes has paid off and you are finally running your own construction business. But there feels like something might be missing, a piece of the puzzle that is perhaps a little over your head. Who is going to take care of all of the heavy legal jargon for you? Your favorite part may be making taking care of the building part of things, but a construction attorney can take care of the parts that you don’t want to handle. There are many reasons as to why you need a construction attorney. So before you really feel the need to ask, “when do I need a construction attorney” let’s take a look at some of the reasons a construction attorney is an attorney you should have from the very beginning of your career.

Contract creation

While your strongest suit may be in the designing and building, a lawyer’s strongest suit will be in the contract assembly. In order to assure that both parties understand the exact specifics of what is needed from both sides, a lawyer can draw up a special contract that lists the requirements from both parties. With all of the exact terms and conditions listed out, if there is ever a question as to the specifics of something it is already down in writing and will not be disputed in any way. These lawyers know exactly what to ask and how to make sure that both parties are completely covered. So the next time you’re asking the question of when do I need a construction attorney, that is probably when you should be looking for one.

Conflict resolution

Perhaps one of your builders is giving you trouble once the project gets going. Maybe it is the company that hired you that just isn’t holding up their end of the deal. Often times having litigation on hand can greatly reduce the risk of such matters escalating. Layers are great for conflict resolution and stopping issues before they even have the chance to begin. If you want to protect yourself and your business, these lawyers are only there to assist you along.


Before you end up in appeals court a construction attorney can help to iron out all fine details prior to a construction operation even beginning. Having a lawyer to be the go between from yourself to the company in charge can help to protect you in the long run, this keeps unnecessary squabbles from breaking out and insures that all parties are happy with what they will be receiving from their requests. Not to mention, in a construction market that back in 2016 was worth $1,162 billion, these construction lawyers know how to make sure you’re making the best price you can on your new endeavors.

The next time you and your business are in a bind and are not sure of the age old question “when do I need a construction attorney” think about hiring one right off the bat to prevent any problems from coming up. Your whole company will benefit from the extra eyes on contacts in the long run and a construction attorney is around especially to make sure that everything runs just as smooth as it can for you. There are plenty of benefits that will come along with these attorneys and your business deserves to have the best after all.

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