The Duties of a Mediation Attorney


The process of mediation in law is where an impartial party (or a “mediator”) assists both parties involved in a lawsuit to find a middle ground between them and possibly facilitate a mutual understanding or agreement into a settlement. Many types of legal cases require the mediating process. If you are looking specifically for a mediation attorney, you should first learn what the attorney provides and the various forms of mediation that exist.

The mediating process often applies to divorce negotiations. Mediation can be applied to family law cases as well.

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In the mediating process, lawyers are specifically trained to negotiate the terms of a divorce to find a consensus between all parties. The purpose of these negotiations is to help both parties reach a settlement that is equally optimal.

Divorce proceedings often fall under the process of negotiated mediating, where all three parties, attorney, reach a settlement. It’s important to note that the attorney does not have the ability to make a binding decision on their own. An attorney will come to proceedings with the facts of your wants and needs to move the mediation procedure along.

For deeper insights into the duties of a mediation attorney and the specific benefits they provide, consult the video we have linked above.


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