The Top Three Things You Need to Know if You Are Charged with DUI


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Being charged with a DUI can be really overwhelming and there are a lot of crucial choices you have to make. Do you go with a federal criminal defense lawyer, or a private DUI lawyer? Do you plead innocent or plead guilty for a lighter sentence? While you can’t find all the answers online, here are three things you should definitely know when you size up your case:

1. Police Officers Need Probable Cause

Think back to when you were pulled over and consider why, exactly, you were pulled over. Did someone call the police complaining that you were intoxicated? Did you forget to buckle your seat belt, or commit some minor traffic violation? While you may have been driving intoxicated, that is not reason enough for an office to have pulled you over; the officer needs to have some evidence that you were driving suspiciously before having pulled you over. If they do not, that will work very, very heavily in your favor in court.

2. You Can Challenge BAC Test Results

Even if you were tested for your blood alcohol content, that is not enough to decisively convict you. You can dispute the results of the test based on all sorts of extenuating factors, from the officer administering it to the tools to your own physiology. If you can make a persuasive enough argument, that piece of evidence may need to be disregarded in court and make your case even stronger.

3. There are Lots of Evidence Sources to be Analyzed

Whether you are disputing how you were pulled over, the results of a BAC test, or something else entirely, there are scores of evidence sources that need to be analyzed. It can be a bit much to expect a single untrained person to look at all the facts and compile a cohesive, compelling argument, but that’s where criminal defense firms come in. These criminal defense firms can make a strong argument for you and give you a much better chance of coming out of the court room on top. Look at the prices and respective records of each firm before making a choice and try to find one that suits your needs! How do you feel about your case?

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