Things That Might Be Contributing to Your Divorce


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Many couples in the U.S. today find themselves struggling with divorce without really knowing what caused it. Here are just a few things which many couples realize — sometimes only when it’s too late — that are directly connected to divorce proceedings:

  • Having a daughter instead of a son reportedly increases the possibility of divorce by 5 percent. Researchers postulate that this might be because fathers take more interest in family life when there are boys around — but that hasn’t really been proven, and just as many industry experts state that fathers become better men when they have a daughter.

  • Having twins or triplets, instead of having single children at different times, can increase the risk of divorce by 17 percent. Many people aren’t really surprised by this stat — suddenly having three babies to take care of? That certainly sounds stressful, and it can cause stress in between partners easily.

  • Individuals who have already gone through a divorce once before are more to have a divorce again in their second marriage, and even more so in a third marriage. The risk of having another divorce is, in some cases, as high as 90 percent just because of previous marriages.

  • Age differences seem to cause problems too: researchers have found that when a woman is more than three years older than her male partner, instead of being 3 years younger than her partner, increases by about 50 percent. Bigger age gaps can often cause problems when two individuals are in two separate stages of life, focusing on different things that make them happy.

  • Financial problems are one of the biggest causes of divorce — either directly or indirectly. Bills, credit cards, paychecks, taxes … these can be stressful for just one person to handle, but when the finances of two people become combined, it’s easy for small issues to blow up into big arguments which quickly have nothing to do with money at all.

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