Three Common Types of Nursing Home Abuse


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When it comes time to put an elderly family member in a assisted living facility, it’s important to remember that they are vulnerable to and dependent on the people who will care for them. Elderly abuse happens much more often than people think — there are instances of elderly abuse at one in three nursing homes in the United States. If it does happen, you could have legal recourse and could file a personal injury case to get compensation in the form of a personal injury settlement for your family member who was in care. Here are a few of the most common types of elder abuse that happens in nursing homes.

1. Financial
One of the most common types of abuse that happens in assisted living facilities or nursing homes is financial abuse. Usually when people think of abuse they think of something purely physical, but abuse can happen this way too. In some cases, staff steal from the resident or say they’re helping them manage money when they’re actually stealing it. Look out for unpaid bills and mysterious withdrawals.

2. Physical
Another common form of abuse that occurs in nursing homes is physical abuse, and you’ll definitely want to look into personal injury lawyers if you see evidence of this happening. Check in on your relative often and look for things like cuts and bruises that your relative or the staff doesn’t have an explanation for. Also make sure to ask for explanations from the staff for injuries if your relative has a tough time remembering things.

3. Negligence
Negligence is a type of physical abuse, but rather than active hitting, punching, or kicking, this is not caring well enough for the resident. Look for things like bed sores, medications not being administered, a dirty room, or other signs that the staff is not being attentive. The staff not allowing you to be alone with your relative is also a red flag.

Have you ever had to deal with an instance of elderly abuse? Feel free to share your thoughts and experience with us in the comments section below.

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