Three Non-Physical Forms of Domestic Abuse


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No one ever expects to find themselves in the middle of a domestic abuse situation, so naturally when they do unfortunately become involved, they’re filled with questions about a topic they never thought they’d ever need to know about. “What is the definition of domestic violence?” “What is the sentence for domestic violence?” They may not even know what is considered domestic violence?

This last quandary is of import. Most people believe domestic violence can only be physical, according to domestic violence defense lawyers, when there are actually several different types of domestic violence.

To help you fully understand what’s considered domestic violence, here are a few of the non-physical — but equally harmful — types of abuse.

Economic Abuse.

According to one lawyer for domestic violence, economic abuse is any attempt to force another person to become financially dependent on the perpetrator. For example, a husband might take control of his wife’s financial resources, withhold her access to money, and/or forbid her from either going to school or getting a job.

Emotional Abuse.

As one lawyer for domestic violence explains, emotional abuse is the undermining of a person’s sense of self worth. It’s name calling, perpetual criticizing, and belitting. The lawyer for domestic violence says that it can even take the form of blackmailing. One partner might try to control another by threatening to reveal his or her HIV status or sexual orientation (by “outing” them).

Psychological Abuse.

Often confused with emotional abuse, psychological abuse has more to do with the controlling or manipulation of another person through fear. One lawyer for domestic violence says that abusers will intimidate their partners, threaten to harm either their partners, themselves, or both, destroy property, force isolation, or do other horrible things.

If you feel that your or someone you know has suffered any of these non-physical forms of violent abuse, you should get in touch with a lawyer for domestic violence today. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments. More like this blog.

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