What do Litigation Attorneys Do?


Probate litigation attorney

What are Litigation Attorneys?

At the most basic, litigation attorneys can be defined as lawyers who protect the rights of their clients when they go to court. They should be involved at all levels of the case, including everything pre-trial, all investigations, any settlements, and any appeals.

What Goes Into Investigating a Case?

It depends upon whether their client is the the defendant or plaintiff. If plaintiff, the litigation attorneys decide if there is enough evidence to file a lawsuit. If defending, the litigation attorneys gather evidence to defend against a lawsuit. This can can include taking witness statements, interviews, and document gathering.

What Kinds of Cases do Litigation Attorneys Take?

They can be personal injury lawyers, function as a maritime injury lawyer, or be a more all around business attorney. They also deal in securities fraud and can help with probate litigation as well. The great difference between litigation attorneys and the average trial lawyer is that trail lawyers specialize in appearing in court. They may hire paralegals and others to do the mundane work of preparing. Litigation attorneys are on the case from beginning to end, intimately involved with every detail from pre-trial through any final appeals.

How Often do People Use Litigation Attorneys

Their services are crucial in modern society. As of 2015, America had 26,823 brokerages with a total payroll of $63 billion. And while most of those are doing everything above board, the sheer number means there?s opportunity for fraud and incompetence. In 2014 alone there were 1,639 securities and commodities fraud cases pending, and 633 corporate fraud cases, all of which required the services of a securities fraud attorney.
Another example of where this kind of lawyer is needed is in maritime injury and property damage. In 2014, the United States recorded damage to property by recreational boating accidents amounting to #38.87 million. While some of these are true accidents, many are due to negligence and other issues that demand the attention of a maritime injury lawyer.

More than anything else, the job of litigation attorneys is to make the complex understandable. When an individual or a business is facing a dispute or has suffered a loss, sorting everything out can be complicated, taxing, and beyond the ability of the average layman to understand and deal with alone. A skilled attorney helps save time, money, and stress during a lawsuit, bringing experience and ethics to the table.

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