What to Do After Getting Hit by a Car


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Getting hit by a car is one of those things that everyone assumes will never happen to them, but with over 60,000 pedestrian injuries per year on average, there’s a chance it could happen to you. If it does, there are a few things you should try to keep in mind about what you need to do next.

1. Stay Calm.
The first thing you should do after getting hit by a car is try to stay calm. If you’re injured, you don’t want to move since that could make matters worse. Pedestrian injuries are typically in the head and leg areas, so check yourself out for injuries before trying to move. Try and ease yourself to safety if you aren’t already.

2. Seek Medical Attention.
After you’ve gotten yourself to safety, the next thing you should do is seek medical attention even if you don’t think your injuries are serious. Being in shock can numb pain and make injuries seem less severe than they are. Getting medical attention is also important for having a professional evaluate and document your injuries, should you intend to file a personal injury lawsuit.

3. Call the Authorities.
Once you’ve gotten to safety and been checked out by medical professionals, you should also call certain authorities like law enforcement officials to make sure that the incident is reported and that outside, objective parties are documenting the situation.

4. Call a Personal Injury Lawyer.
After getting to safety, receiving medical attention and calling the police, you might want to consider calling a personal injury lawyer. Most of the lawsuits filed in the United States are a result of traffic matters, and in cases where pedestrians are injured there is often someone who was at fault. Documenting information is important for the courts to be able to accurately determine liability.

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