What Your Criminal Defense Lawyer Should Provide You


Criminal defense lawyers can charge a pretty penny so you want to make sure they are doing everything they can for you. This video explains five things that a criminal defense lawyer should be doing for their client.

The first and important thing to do is to investigate the charges brought against you. They should inspect the charges, all the different ways they could be charging you, and what are the laws related to the charges.

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Next is that your criminal defense lawyer should investigate the evidence. The prosecutor must give you all of the evidence once you are charged of a crime. Your defense lawyer should be looking at the charges and the evidence together with you and maintain constant communication with you. They also need to defend your rights, for example the right to be free of unreasonable searches. The fourth thing your defense attorney should be doing for you is negotiating a disposition. The last thing is to take your case to trial. This is the most important because your defense lawyer needs to be confident in their cross- examining skills for the witness. The trial is the real determining point of the charges.


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