When Should I Hire a Divorce Attorney?


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If you’re currently undergoing a divorce and think you might need help fighting your case, a divorce attorney can help. Though hiring a divorce attorney is definitely an investment, there are times when it might be necessary to ensure that you get the most compensation for any damages, or perhaps when the divorce has to do with allocation money, property, or involve custody of children.

If any of the following scenarios sound familiar, you might be able to benefit from investing a divorce lawyer.

1. You want to make sure assets are evenly split

Going through a divorce is an emotional event, but having a divorce lawyer on your side who genuinely cares about your case can be a great benefit. There are times when on partner in the marriage handled money and financial assets, and may have left the other partner in the dark about it. When going to get a divorce and discussing marital assets, you might want to have a local attorney help ensure that assets and liabilities are properly addressed. A divorce attorney can collect records and find out this information which you might not know how to attain yourself.

2. You need to split property

Are you expecting to get some of the property you helped pay for when you got married? A local attorney who specializes in divorces can help ensure that this takes place. This is especially important if the couple had signed a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement. The lawyer will be able to explain whether you can get equitable distribution or not.

3. You need help with custody and taking care of children,

If you are agreeing to have shared custody, you need to also decide how each one will be able to afford to take care of the children involved. A divorce lawyer can make sure that if someone gets sole custody, that the other partner is helping them cover the costs of taking care of that child, and if the couple doesn’t even know where to begin on how to create a parenting plan, a divorce attorney can help with that as well.

Again, a divorce is no easy feat and can be a very emotionally taxing situation to be in, but a local attorney can help when you think you need it.

Have you been through a divorce and can offer advice on how to handle the situation? Please share any advice in the comments below.

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