10 Questions to Ask Your Divorce Lawyer


When dealing with a divorce, your first meeting with the divorce lawyer is important. Here are 10 key questions to make sure you know what’s going on:

1. Can I Do This Without a Lawyer?
Know if handling some parts alone is okay, but having a lawyer is crucial for the tricky legal stuff.

2. Do I Need a Special Divorce Lawyer?
Pick a lawyer who knows divorce and family law well; it’s better than a general lawyer.

3. How Much Does It Cost?
Understand the lawyer’s fees. Upfront payment doesn’t show the total cost, so find a lawyer who works efficiently.

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4. Do I Need to Pay Upfront?
Learn about retainer fees. It’s not the total cost, but it matters. Choose a lawyer who works smartly.

5. What About Alimony?
Ask about spousal support. A divorce lawyer can explain if it applies to your situation.

6. Does Fault Matter in Divorce?
In some places, fault doesn’t matter much. Focus on how it affects property and custody, not just blame.

7. Do I Lose Half of Everything?
Clear up myths about splitting assets. It depends on many things, not just a 50/50 rule.

8. What About Kids and Time?
Understand how custody works. Your lawyer can guide you based on what’s best for your kids.

9. What Happens to My House?
Talk about your home. Your lawyer can explain if you sell it or keep it and what makes sense financially.

10. Why Choose You?
Ask what makes your lawyer different. Choose someone who’s good at handling divorces, especially if they advocate for men.

These questions help you understand your divorce better and find the right lawyer for the job.


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