3 Accidents that Can Occur Due to Negligent Behavior


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Have you recently been involved in an accident of sorts? Whether the accident was your fault due to negligent behavior or someone else?s fault due to their negligent behavior, you may benefit from hiring a personal injury lawyer. The right lawyer may be able to help you assess your situation, prepare for your case, or get the injury compensation you deserve from the incident you were involved in. Even if you were at fault, hiring an attorney could make all the difference in the results of your case.

Interested in learning more about different types of accidents and incidents that can result in an injury to your or someone else? Keep reading for more information on negligent behavior that leads to someone getting injured in an accident.

3 Accidents that Can Occur Due to Negligent Behavior

It doesn?t matter if you?re driving on the road or walking around at work, accidents can occur when you least expected them. While an accident doesn?t always result in an injury, there are instances in which injuries can occur resulting in someone?s need to hire a personal injury lawyer. Here are three examples of incidents when accidents can result in unfortunate injuries.

1. Car accidents

When you are driving or someone else is driving on the road, there are a variety of reasons why a car accident can occur. In the United States, there are actually three main causes to car accidents, all having to do with negligent behavior on the part of someone. The first type of accident that can occur is one due to distracted driving. More often than not, distracted driving has to do with someone using their phone while driving.

The second most common reason a car accident can occur is related to drunk driving. This type of negligent behavior can cause damage to the person driving and the person in the other car. When a drunk driver causes an accident, it is likely they will need to find a car accident lawyer to help them sort their way through the case. The third common cause of a car accident is speeding. No matter where you are going, there is no reason to speed and risk your safety or someone else?s safety. Further, don?t let your emotions or aggression get the best of you and cause you to speed. In 66% of all fatal accidents in vehicles, the driver was driving aggressively.

2. Falls at work

Depending on where you work, there are a few ways you can get injured if everyone is not doing their job correctly at all times. If you work in a warehouse or factory, you are likely up and moving around frequently. There may be a lot of people moving around throughout the building. There also may be a lot of items, boxes, etc. all over the floor and the walls making it hard to move around and to see other people. If there is water on the floor, this can also be a hazard.

If you slip and fall at work, you can easily injure yourself. Negligent behavior on the part of the managers, the boss, or the cleaning crew can result in your need to take time off from work due to an injury. 20% of the time, when someone is injured at work, they end up needing to take at least a month of work to heal. A personal injury lawyer can help you with workers compensation if you are missing work due to an injury you sustained at work.

3. Injured while biking

If you enjoy riding your bicycle, make sure you are always on the look-out for other bikes and cars so that you do not get hit and injured. In 2014 alone, there were more than 700 people riding bicycles who died after being hit by a car.

If you have ever experienced one of these incidents, make sure you find the best attorney to help with your situation. Let us know in the comments whether you have ever used a personal injury attorney and how it helped with your case.

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