3 Important Tips for First-Time L.A. Drivers


accident attorneyNo matter where you are in the world, driving a car, truck, or motorcycle at high speeds is extremely dangerous and can lead to a loss of life if proper safety precautions aren’t being met. Unfortunately, even if you, the driver, are doing everything right and are being extra careful, you’re still at risk of an accident because other drivers aren’t so careful. It’s up to all of us to improve our habits on the roadway and stay safe out there.

In 2013, there were more than 88,000 motorcyclists who are injured on the roadways, and even more automobile drivers. Whether we’re driving on empty country roads or densely populated highways, we have to watch our driving ways.

Some areas of the country are much more highly populated than others and subsequently lead to more accidents each year. In Los Angeles, for example, there are millions of vehicles on the roads at any given time; many of those drivers are not sure how to handle these high pressure situations.

Here are some tips for nervous L.A. drivers that can help you prevent automobile and motorcycle accidents.

  • Know Where You’re Going — For the inexperienced L.A. driver, navigating these streets can be overwhelming. Even with a working GPS, not knowing where you’re going can lead to erratic movements on the road, which can be very dangerous. You’re best bet is to map out your route beforehand, give yourself plenty of time to get there, and don’t panic if you miss a turn. Showing up a few minutes late is a lot better than causing an accident.
  • Respect Carpool Lanes — On most of the major L.A. freeways, there is a designated carpool lane all the way to the far left. If you are alone, don’t drive in them, no matter how tempting it may be. Aside from looking like a complete jerk, police officers are always looking out for carpool lane violators and will pull you over and give you a hefty ticket.
  • Know Who to Contact in Case of an Accident — If you’re involved in any type of accident in the L.A. area, your best bet is to contact an experienced accident attorney. After the authorities are notified, your auto accident attorney should be the next call you make. Be sure to take photos of the accident, get any contact information from the other driver and witnesses, and tell your attorney everything.

If you’re in need of an accident attorney in Los Angeles, contact the Power Law Group today.

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