5 Tips That Can Keep You From Hiring the Wrong Lawyer After a Car Accident


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If you’ve been hurt in a car crash, the best thing you can do is start talking to auto accident injury attorneys about your legal options for recovering the money you need to pay your bills. But how can you find the right attorney to work with? There are many personal injury lawyers out there, and it can be tough to assess expertise without having a legal education yourself. Here are five important tips to follow when hiring lawyers for car accidents:

  1. Don’t Fixate on the Degree

    Although a Harvard or Yale law degree might sound impressive, it doesn’t guarantee success on a certain kind of case. And remember, all lawyers have to pass the same exams to be licensed.

  2. Ask About Specific Experience

    Although all lawyers cover roughly the same topics in law school, they diverge widely in terms of their areas of practice. Make sure you choose an attorney who has handled cases that are quite similar to yours in the past, that those cases occurred in roughly the same jurisdiction as yours, and that a reasonable number of those cases were satisfactorily resolved.

  3. Beware Guarantees

    There are no guarantees in the legal system, and a lawyer who promises to win your case isn’t one you can trust. Ask for an honest assessment of your case’s strength and leave it there.

  4. Talk Philosophy

    There’s no need to dive into existentialism, but you will want to get a sense of your lawyer’s general philosophy when it comes to car accident settlements. Pre-trial settlements often stipulate lower cash payments, but they involve less risk than going to trial (since you never know if a judge or jury will rule in your favor). They also limit the time and money you pour into your auto injury lawsuit.

  5. Factor in Personality

    While you don’t need to see yourself becoming best friends with your attorney, you should end up hiring someone you feel you can talk to and ask questions.

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