Dealing With Conflict as a Process Server


Here’s the truth, not everyone will handle being served with court documents reasonably. Some people might be aggressive and violent toward the certified process servers, as stated in the video. However, the role of these certified process servers cannot be understated as they ensure defendants are served with proper notice of court proceedings. As such, they must learn how to deal with conflicts, if and when they arise.

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First, stay calm and composed at all times. This way, it becomes easier to maintain professionalism even if the defendant becomes angry and aggressive. Moreover, in heated moments, a calm demeanor will always defuse tension and set a positive tone for conflict resolution.

Secondly, use active listening. This shows that you’re being empathetic towards their perspectives and feelings at that moment. Additionally, try to be clear and transparent while communicating with the defendant to erase cases of misunderstandings that might further trigger their aggression.

Thirdly, avoid physical contact with the person being served. Well, this is common knowledge, however, to act as a reminder, always keep your distance. This is because these people are often on the edge and slight contact might manifest in a severe physical confrontation, further escalating the situation.

Lastly, when you’ve tried every other procedure, you can recall and none seems to be working. Seek support. At this point, it is appropriate to involve your seniors or legal authorities. This way, you’ll stay safe and, in the end, the situation will be managed.


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