Marriage Advice From a Divorce Attorney


Believe it or not, marriage is one of the most significant choices that you can make legally outside of dying. This choice that you make with another person is a lifelong commitment that often ends in divorce rather than longevity. In New York, the divorce rate is a whopping 53%!

In the video, the three different divorce attorney specialists give their opinions on what matters most in a relationship. Surprisingly, it comes down to two major points: expectations and finances.

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What they talk about is not expecting someone to change just because you get married. If someone is frugal, then they are probably going to remain frugal. If someone is petty, then they are probably going to remain petty: a person can grow, but that doesn’t mean that they are going to change drastically just to please their partner.

With finances, one divorce attorney makes the point that it is difficult to be honest when you aren’t being honest about finances. As people get older, they are more than likely making their own money and have separate accounts, loans, and more. Those debts and assets have to be discussed for a relationship to be healthy and not focused on the fears of finances.


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