Different State Laws On Personal Injuries


When a citizen has to deal with personal injuries, their life can be seriously damaged in the process. This is because personal injuries can result in time away from work as well as medical bills that are incredibly costly. So anyone that is hurt as the result of a car accident or anything else needs to properly understand personal injuries.

In the state of South Carolina, personal injury laws are a little more specific and detailed in construction as opposed to other states. As a result, when people who live there are dealt personal injuries that are not of their own fault, they should surely find help from a personal injury attorney, personal injury lawyer, and much more. Here are the facts on personal injuries and South Carolina.

Data collected in 2015 revealed that in this year in the state of South Carolina, a car accident occurred every 4 minutes and every 9 minutes, one of these accidents caused personal injuries. As a result, there is plenty of activity for lawyers and attorneys in this state. It is important that car accident victims receive a settlement that can help them avoid bankruptcy because of high-cost medical bills.

There were a total number of 56,804 traffic accidents in the state of South Carolina in 2015. This is a serious number and some of these accidents came as the result of a DUI situation, also known as driving under the influence. As a result, it is important that victims with personal injuries get help from a talented law firm of lawyers!

The legal limit for drunk driving in South Carolina is a BAC, or blood alcohol content of 0.08%. Anything above this number results in a stiff driving under the influence charge that has a serious impact on the personal life. Understand that DUI fines in South Carolina range from $400 for a first offense to over $10000, plus court costs. So South Carolina is working hard to try and curb and reduce these situations.

Almost 1.6% of South Carolinians admitted to driving after having too much to drink at least once in the last year. So while drunk driving is trying to be stopped, it is still obviously a problem in South Carolina. South Carolina has 62% more fatal car accidents than the national average.

Not all personal injuries come directly from automotive accidents. As a matter of fact, a lot of people will get injured while on the job. Understand that the most dangerous occupation in South Carolina is nursing, with up to 10.1% of workers injured at work per year.

Anyone hurt on the job needs to get serious help from workers comp attorneys that will get them proper compensation. Workers’ Comp in South Carolina can pay up to $838 per week. Plus keep in mind that 2.5% of workers in the private sector in South Carolina got injured on the job in 2016.

In Conclusion

People get hurt every single year across the country and even though laws are implemented to try and prevent this, they do not always protect everyone. Anyone that gets hurt and suffers personal injuries should get help from lawyers as soon as possible!

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