Does Your Estate Plan Include Planning for a Funeral?


When you’re working with an attorney to create an estate plan, they may ask you to consider planning for a funeral. While most people think about their estate plan in terms of their investments, assets, and debts, there are other details to consider. When you have a comprehensive estate plan that includes details like funeral plans, you can protect your loved ones better from financial and emotional hardships.

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Your estate attorney can help you work with your chosen funeral home to create a funeral plan that fits your needs. You can also pre-pay for your funeral to reduce the financial burden your death might place on your loved ones. No matter what happens with your investments or debts, your prepaid funeral will allow your family to focus solely on grieving without facing financial anxiety after your death.

Your funeral plan should include details like whether you want to be cremated or buried. It can also include information about the type of funeral you would like to have. If you would prefer a memorial to celebrate your life over a traditional funeral, you can lay out the details in your estate plan.

To learn more about planning for a funeral and creating an estate plan, reach out to funeral homes and estate attorneys near you.


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