The Problem With The U.S. Bail System


There is a big problem with the American bail system. If you or a loved one is going to jail for any sort of reason, before you rush to post bail, this article can be a huge help. First of all, understanding bail is extremely important. Bail is not a get out of jail free card. It is a commitment to a company that is willing to pay the fee that it costs for you to be free before your next court date.

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Not forever, but just for a short amount of time. A bail company is out to make money, and bail agents do that by making sure you go to your court date. If you don’t make it to your court date, there is a chance you won’t pay your bail at all and then the bail company will be out of the money they put down for you. The big reason to avoid bail bond agent services is that you can spend that money hiring an attorney while you’re in jail so that you don’t have to become committed to a loan.

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