Finding the Right Personal Injury Lawyer for Your Case


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If you’ve been injured but you’re not sure how to find a personal injury attorney, this guide will help you know where to look as well as how to find a personal injury attorney that’s right for your case.

The first thing you should do when you’re figuring out how to find a personal injury attorney is ask friends and family who have been through a similar case. If you don’t have anyone in your immediate social circle with a solid personal injury lawyer recommendation, you can ask co-workers or neighbors. Chances are someone in your life has filed a personal injury claim, or is friends with a good attorney.

Though you should factor in strong recommendations, you shouldn’t make a decision based solely on your friend’s opinion. Just because they worked for them doesn’t mean they’ll work for you. Continue to comparison shop with lawyers found through other sources, and don’t make a decision until you’ve actually met with a lawyer.

You can also get recommendations from your local bar association. Most of these have referral services that allow you to shop lawyers by legal specialty. Even though these lawyers are approved by the bar, quality varies, so it remains important to meet with a lawyer before choosing one.

As you search, you want to find someone who represents plaintiffs, or the injured party, in court cases. Otherwise you may end up with a personal injury lawyer who still isn’t right for your case.

You should also consider looking at lawyers with specialties if you have a complex case. For instance, workers’ compensation lawyers will be more acquainted with the labor laws surrounding workplace injury, and a car accident lawyer will often be more qualified to handle car accident injuries.

When you meet with lawyers, make sure you find a person you can talk to and trust and who’s philosophy and legal specialty matches what you need. Continue reading here.

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