How Can You Prepare for Your Initial Divorce Lawyer Consultation?


Divorce lawyer

When hiring family divorce lawyers, it’s crucial to treat an initial consultation like an interview. Remember, you’re giving this person a large measure of control over your divorce process, so it’s important to investigate each candidate and have plenty of questions to ask your divorce lawyer so you’re sure they’re the best fit.

Check Each Lawyers Qualifications

Even if a lawyer comes to you with a strong referral from a friend, you should still read up on their experience. Family law is a complex subspecialty that not all lawyers are qualified to tackle, even if they advertise that they are.

Find out about any certifications or subspecialties each lawyer may have, and if you can’t get this information from their website, it should be one of the top questions to ask your divorce lawyer. You should also find out if they specialize in the many financial issues associated with divorce.

You should only consider an attorney with fewer qualifications if you have a more simple case with no kids and minimal finances.

Make a List of Questions to Ask Your Divorce Lawyer

Don’t go into your first consultation unprepared. You need to find out as much information as you can.

Ask each lawyer for an evaluation of your chances of negotiating the case successfully, and ask them to give you an estimate of how long the case will take. You should also have each lawyer outline how they plan to support you throughout the process and ultimately resolve your case.

Ask for a cost estimate as well. Many divorce lawyers will tell you that it’s hard to give a definitive estimate since it’s hard to predict how a case will go, but you can use their response to learn more about their character. A lawyer who gives you an unusually low rate might be more interested in your business than winning your case.

You can also ask about additional fees and what time with the lawyer and assistants you have to pay for.

If you get the impression that a lawyer is a good communicator and a reliable and experienced attorney, your divorce should go much smoother.
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