How Do You Get The Best Personal Injury Settlements In 2015?


How to choose a personal injury lawyer

Are you looking for the best injury settlement in 2015?

Looking for the best injury settlement after an accident usually requires hiring personal injury attorneys to represent your case. That’s because few Americans have the legal expertise required to successfully navigate the U.S. court system, which can by a labyrinth of procedures, rules, and legal codes.

What kind of injuries and accidents do personal injury law firms handle?

Everything from boat accidents to elder abuse. The most common type of lawsuit filed in American courts are traffic suits over common car crash injuries, particularly by people injured by drunk or negligent drivers. And as more of America’s population ages and moves into nursing homes (1.6 million as of this year), elder abuse is unfortunately becoming more common. Sadly, senior citizen advocates estimate that one in three nursing homes house abused seniors.

Why are there so many personal injury lawsuits filed in the United States?

America might have a reputation for being the home of the free and the land of frivolous lawsuits, but personal injuries and wrongful deaths are no laughing matter. In total, the employer costs, lost wages, property damage, and medical costs of such accidents add up to an estimated $268 billion in 2013.

Also, there are two other factors behind the high volume of lawsuits in American courts. First, the American legal system simply has greater protection for consumers than many other developed countries. And second, the U.S. is a nation of drivers, and driving is a risky activity.

Each year, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says more than 40,000 people die and three million are injured in an estimated 6 million car crashes.

What about drunk driving and marijuana car crashes, are they a major cause of personal injury claims?

Yes and no. Of course, anyone who has been injured by a drunk or drugged driver should be entitled to protection and compensation under the law. Fortunately, drunk driving has been on the decline for decades. Unfortunately, drugged driving is one the rise, especially as more states legalize or decriminalize marijuana, and as dangerous, quasi-legal synthetic drugs become more widely available.

If you’re looking for the best injury settlement following an accident or incident of abuse, you should gather as much material on your case as you can before reaching out to a lawyer.

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