If There is Trouble at Home, be Prepared with These Different Attorneys


A conflict in a home happens even to those with a tight bond with their family. Having an attorney for this situation is important as it will ensure your family’s protection and best interests, especially the children. A family law attorney can help you figure out which attorney, among others, would be perfect for your case.

Here are different attorneys to help you with family law issues.

Family Law Only Attorney

Family law comprises many different legal fields, including real estate and estates and divorce and child custody. An attorney practicing family law should be versed in all areas. A family-law office can handle all aspects of your case if necessary. For example, if negotiations break down and litigation becomes necessary, a family-law specialist would be best prepared to argue crucial points such as property division or alimony.

Divorce Only Lawyer

If you are not interested in pursuing your children but want an uncontested divorce, you need an attorney with specialized knowledge. A specialized divorce lawyer will understand the laws of your state and be skilled in negotiation tactics that may garner the results you want.

Child Custody Only Lawyer

Suppose you are interested in child custody but no other aspects of your divorce, such as property division or alimony. In that case, you should seek an attorney who has specific expertise in this area. Child-custody agreements can vary greatly depending on the distance between parents and visitation schedules. An attorney specializing in child custody would know how to create a workable agreement for all parties involved based on your circumstances.

Criminal Defense Attorney

Even if you have not been charged with anything yet, it is important to consult with one of the experienced criminal defense attorneys if police are investigating you. An attorney can let you know your rights and advise you what to do to protect yourself. You should also contact only the reputed criminal law firms if you are facing criminal prosecution, whether it is related to the issue that brought you into divorce proceedings or not.

Family Law With Estate Planning Attorney

Facing divorce means dealing with property division and child custody issues, but some matters may need more specialized attention than the average family-law attorney can provide. For example, if your spouse had significant assets or substantial debts before entering the marriage, these issues ought to be addressed early on by a knowledgeable family-law specialist who has experience dealing with estates and trusts. This type would be best suited for helping you protect your assets in the event of divorce.

Divorce With Estate Planning Lawyer

An experienced estate planning attorney will be able to handle all aspects of your divorce proceedings, including the division of assets and debts, alimony, child custody, and property settlement. You should seek a divorce law office that practices both family law and wills and trusts because not only will they understand the laws of a separation better. They will also know how to protect you financially in case of death or disability.

Real Estate Law Attorney

Specializing in real estate means an attorney understands everything from property deeds to mortgages. Realtors often present their clients with offers that require immediate reactions but do not explain their terms thoroughly. To avoid signing a contract that does not benefit you, you should contact an attorney, such as a real estate lawyer, who can protect your interests.

Post-Nuptial Agreements Lawyer

The post-nuptial documents are legally binding agreements made during or after marriage. One common reason for executing a post-nuptial agreement is in the case of premarital wealth and property brought into the relationship by one party. A divorce attorney who specializes in family law would be able to advise you on this type of contract and ensure that your rights and best interests are protected when making any post-nuptial arrangement.

Lawyer Referral Service Attorney

Lawyers who practice in different areas of the law must stay current on all laws about their specialty. In addition, they must strictly state standards to be eligible to practice, along with abiding by ethical guidelines and rules of professional conduct. A referral service provides you with a list of attorneys based on your specific needs and geographic location, and each must meet certain qualifications to be included in the directory.

Divorce Mediation Lawyer

If you would rather not let lawyers argue over who gets what, divorce mediation puts you in control of your divorce settlement. The mediator acts as a neutral third party who helps spouses communicate their priorities during negotiations. This arrangement allows spouses to come up with mutually beneficial agreements. It also saves them time and money because they will not need to hire an attorney. The mediator takes care of that or goes through complex proceedings in court.

Collaborative Law Attorney

Divorcing spouses work with attorneys to develop a mutually acceptable settlement in the collaborative law process. Collaborative law typically involves fewer court appearances, less cost, and more privacy than traditional proceedings. Your collaborative attorney can only represent you in the collaborative process, not in court.

Mental Health or Substance Abuse Recovery Attorney

If legal issues make it difficult for you to recover from drug addiction or mental illness, you should contact an experienced attorney specializing in these matters. An attorney can advocate on your behalf when getting treatment for addiction or mental illness while staying in touch with your family or helping you find adequate housing during recovery. You may also need an attorney’s help if your loved one faces criminal charges related to addiction, mental illness, or recovery-related crimes such as drunken driving.

Appellate Attorneys

The appellate process is what you use to appeal a final judgment or order of the lower court and must be done within a specific time. Appellate attorneys can review your case and represent you in front of an appellate court if they believe the decision was wrongfully made, inappropriate, or poorly handled by your trial attorney. You may need an attorney’s help to draft documents for submission to the judge, such as motions and briefs.

Creditor’s Rights Lawyer

Suppose you face foreclosure on a home or business property or have unpaid debts about to go into collection. In that case, you need an experienced lawyer who specializes in creditor’s rights. Creditors will often try to collect a debt from co-signers and spouses, even if they did not approve the loan. An attorney can represent you in negotiations to resolve any issues with your creditors and prevent wages from being garnished or bank accounts from being levied.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Lawyer

If you are struggling to pay your debts and do not think you will be able to keep up with monthly payments, filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy may be a good option for you. An expert from the bankruptcy attorney office will help guide you through the process, which involves liquidating assets such as property and automobiles so that debt can be forgiven. A trustee oversees this procedure and decides what gets sold off, but a creditor cannot force a debtor into selling anything until the deadline passes. Chapter 7 bankruptcy is supposed to give people who cannot support themselves by working a fresh start without the fear of debt collectors.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Lawyer

Chapter 13 bankruptcy is for people who want to pay off their debts over time instead of having them forgiven. A trustee oversees this procedure and decides what gets sold off, but a creditor cannot force a debtor into selling anything until the deadline passes. Chapter 13 bankruptcy is for people who want to keep property such as a house or car. Spouses can help pay the fees and costs associated with filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy, so do not be afraid to ask for financial support from your spouse if you need it.

Child Support Lawyer

If you are divorced and are not receiving child support payments from your ex, an attorney can help you take action. Your attorney can file a motion for contempt and request that your ex’s wages be garnished if he refuses to pay child support as ordered by the court. An experience family law or divorce lawyer may also be able to help if your ex owes back child support and has not paid up yet.

Insurance Plans Attorneys

Whether dealing with an unfair denial of coverage for individual healthcare treatments or fighting over policy limits when the breadwinner dies, these disputes are rarely easy. In such cases, it is best to consult an experienced insurance dispute lawyers to resolve these difficulties as quickly and fairly as possible.

Immigration Lawyers

Who are immigration lawyers? Suppose you are considering bringing someone new into your family but do not live here already. In that case, you might need an immigration lawyer to determine which visas and other legalities you need to consider.

Lawyers for Handling Adoptions

Lawyers who handle adoptions can help work out some of the legalities and paperwork to ensure nothing gets missed. They can also help establish any agreements between the birth parents and adoptive family, as well as help with any issues that come up with the child along the way.

Lawyers for Handling Surrogacy Arrangements

Lawyers who handle surrogate pregnancies can help you through the entire process of establishing all legal paperwork. They also help to draft any contracts that need to be signed. They can also deal with issues during pregnancy and even after the child is born.

Lawyers For Drafting Wills

Wills are the only thing that can be used to state what you want to do with your property after you die. A will is legally binding, and appointing someone to take over as executor helps assure that everything goes smoothly after death.

Lawyers For Handling Business Transactions

If you are involved with a family business or want to establish some legal arrangement to share a property, then a good transactional attorney can help. They can draft any legal documents you need and help resolve issues should they arise.

Divorce Financial Analysts

These are experts about the ins and outs of divorce, including the financial aspect. They help you understand how to separate your assets and debts and come up with an individual health care insurance plan for dividing them fairly. Even though many would like to think that there is always a happy ending, sometimes trying to work it out with your spouse is not possible, and you both need some legal help to get moving on to the next step.

Young Attorneys

The young attorneys have probably just received their degree from law school and are working on resolving divorce cases while gaining experience. They will receive assistance from more experienced lawyers who work with them directly, but most likely, they will not do the final negotiations on your behalf. Their job is to help you with everything until negotiations begin. It is then that someone more senior comes into play.

Be careful because these lawyers may promise you the entire world, even though they do not know if they can deliver or not yet. Ensure that you read the contract thoroughly before signing anything, especially if this attorney has no experience.

If you have a family law issue, it is usually recommended to contact an attorney as soon as possible. The best place to start your research is by asking relatives and friends who they used and what their experience was with them. A better way would be to search for attorneys in your area with websites that list their specialties. If this still does not narrow the results enough, try entering some keywords from your family law problem into Google. The attorney listings may be paralegals or other legal professionals who can help you find an attorney or provide limited assistance.

The family could be the most caring group of people, but it is also home to many disputes. You never want to hire an attorney until you need one, from divorce proceedings to custody battles. Before even hiring an attorney, always ask if they have liability insurance that covers legal fees should they make a mistake. This will help protect you if things turn out badly and you are left without recourse because your lawyer committed malpractice.

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