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When you need to know how to find a good DUI attorney, it is important to understand what a criminal defense attorney can do. Finding a good lawyer is key in making sure you are represented appropriately. DUI laws in states may differ, when you are researching how to find a good DUI attorney, make sure you consider state DUI laws.

Basic DUI Information
Each state has a BAC limit. For example, in Ohio, the limit for a driver under the age of twenty-one is .02 percent. In order to pull over a driver, the police must have probable cause. The police must observe swerving, running a red light or other suspicious driving. Understanding this information is part of going through the process of how to find a good DUI attorney.

Consequences of DUI
When convicted of DUI, there is a criminal record established. That record can jeopardize employment, loan applications and other future opportunities. Up to six points may be placed on your driver’s license for a first offense. And in some states, like Ohio, a fee may be charged to reinstate your license. This is why knowing how to find a good DUI attorney can make a difference in your case.

Benefits of a DUI Lawyer
Learning how to find a good DUI
attorney means knowing what a good DUI attorney will provide for your defense. If you took a breathalyzer test at the time of your DUI, an attorney can help challenge the results. Your lawyer will review videos, interview witnesses and guide you through your case. They may also suggest when to take a plea bargain, especially if there are questions about the amount of alcohol or if there is no prior record or resulting accident.

Knowing how to find a good DUI attorney is important if you are ever charged. An attorney will help you navigate the legal system to obtain the best result for your case. DUI can cause repercussions in your life for years to come, so make sure to have the best support behind you.

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