Rising Divorce Rates Why More Marriages are Ending in Divorce



The commitment to stay loyal to a single individual: this is the inherent reason why people decide to get married. Marriage has long been observed across the globe as the ideal monogamous relationship, but just because something is a tradition doesn’t mean that it ought to go unchallenged. New interpretations of what marriage means and represents have contributed to a developing discourse on the subject. Once taboo acts of divorce are now gaining recognition as the best option for some couples; regardless of how society views it, divorce is still an ordeal that requires patience, skill, and occasional legal aid to make the most out of a poor situation.

Divorce Rates in the United States

Marriage and divorce rates are always changing along with the social climate. The recent legalization of gay marriage in the United States has naturally caused a spike in marriages as couples are no longer restricted to gender boundaries. It was once thought that half of all marriages in the United States ends in divorce; today’s statistics are marginally better with roughly 42% of marriages ending in divorce. The divorce rate increases for those who have been married in the past, as nearly 60% of all second marriages end in a divorce and even more third marriages follow suit.

Reasons for Divorce

There are any number of reasons for divorce; the problem is most people often trivialize situations where relationships don’t work out. To commit to someone is to have a fairly accurate judge of that individual’s character, which takes an intimate and personal knowledge of that person — it is no surprise that those couples that rush into a marriage have a greater chance of divorce than couples that stay together for several years prior to a marriage. Factually speaking, it is known that roughly 80% of divorces are initiated by women — this is true for all age groups. Financial woes play a strong role in separation; as couples who regularly disagree about their finances are over 30% more likely to get divorced than couples that rarely argue about the subject. Divorce mediation groups report that 20-25% of divorces were due to an affair with up to 80% reporting that their partner became less affectionate or intimate at the relationship went on.

When to Get a Divorce Attorney

Separation is rarely easy, especially when there is property, assets, and children to consider into the equation. Couples that mutually agree to a divorce can find professional legal mediation to come to an agreement that suits both parties; unfortunately this is rarely the case as a report from 2013 suggests that as many as 88.8% of child support agreements were actually formal agreements established in court or through a government agency with around 11% of custody cases being decided during mediation. In less-civilized divorces, an individual may find it beneficial to find an attorney to help determine the proper course of action and best have their rights represented. Contact a divorce lawyer today to help you through this stressful time and to ensure that a marriage is all that is lost from this process.

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