Steps You Need to Take in Order to Receive Child Support


Lawyer for child support

It’s important to remember that the law is on your side in terms of financial support for your child. No matter how amicable of a separation you and your partner have, it’s absolutely essential to obtain an official, court mandated child support order in order to ensure your child or children receive the financial compensation they deserve.

The first step to take is to retain the services of an experienced child support attorney or a family law attorney. Family law is a segment of law dealing with divorce and separation, in addition to child custody and support, as well as visitation rights.

Second, you must establish paternity of the child. Though every child has a biological father, the law does not recognize this in couples who bore a child out of wedlock. Therefore, a man who has a child with a woman outside of a marriage has no legal or financial responsibilities regarding that child. This is why establishing paternity is absolutely essential.

After establishing paternity, a court child support order can be put in place. The courts will determine an appropriate amount based off of the father’s, or mother’s income. In an effort to enforce the order, you can opt to have the fund’s taken directly out of the other parent’s paycheck. Establishing a court order is important in that it holds all parties accountable and responsible in caring for the welfare of the child, as severe and swift consequences may be executed if support payments are not made.
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