Suspended Drivers License What to Expect


Ticket for driving with a suspended license

When a driver gets their license suspended, they can be left wondering what comes next. There are many misdemeanor traffic violations that can result the the suspension of driving privilege. This can include a DUI, reckless driving charge, failing to pay any outstanding traffic tickets, an accumulation of points against your licence, or leaving the scene of an accident. If you have a suspended license, here’s a few tips to help you understand exactly what your sentence entails and how it affects your privileges.

A driver’s license can be suspended by the officer who pulled you over, or by court hearing. When your license is suspended, you will receive a notice in the mail from the DMV, explaining how long the suspension will last, and which steps to take to get reinstatement. While the process of reinstatement of a suspended drivers license may vary from state to state, most state DMVs will issue a reinstatement fee. Paying this fee early will not lift the suspension period, in which you are not allowed to drive at any cost. The DMV may also require you to take a court-ordered program, such as a defensive driving course or traffic school.

Permits may be available for a driver with a suspended drivers license. These permits allow users to drive to and from specific locations, such as work or school. If you do not qualify for any of these permits, it’s best to avoid driving altogether. When a driver is caught driving with a suspended drivers license they can be charged substantial fines, increase in insurance payments, and can even face jail time. Instead of trying to drive, ask a family member or a close friend to help you get around, or buy a temporary bus pass.

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