The Basics of What You Face After a DUI Charge


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So you had a few too many cocktails at the company picnic and decided to drive home instead of paying 38 dollars for a cab home or lingering around awkwardly at the boss’s house while he’s four sheets to the wind to wait to sober up. You ended up being pulled over and charged with driving under the influence. You might not understand exactly what you’re facing, so here are some essential things to know about DUI.

Driving under the influence in the United States is typically defined as operating a motor vehicle with a blood alcohol content level of .08% or more. There are a number of different methods that can be used to evaluate blood alcohol content, like a breathalyzer, a blood test, and a urine test.

One of the biggest consequences of driving under the influence is fines. Even a first time offender in the state of California can be charged between $390 and $1,000 just in fines. These are in addition to the court fees and any other consequences that come from the charge.

Aside from the fines and fees, people who have been charged with DUI can also face jail time, even first time offenders. A first time DUI offender can get between four days and six months of jail time, depending on what the court finds. A DUI charge can also result in the revocation of your driver’s license.

If you aren’t sure what your next step is, you should hire or consult with a DUI defense lawyer to help you figure things out. You should focus on finding a lawyer who knows all of the laws surrounding your charge and can help you get your life back to normal. Good refereneces:

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