Three Facts about Motorcycle Accidents


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Driving is essential for many people in the United States. It gets people to work, to home, to the store, to soccer practice, to restaurants, and to family. It seems like no big deal to get in the car and drive down the road. For many people, many times of the day, it is no big deal. However, all it takes is a moment where a driver is distracted, on the phone, yelling at the kids, or otherwise impaired. This moment can change everyone’s life and can replay a thousand times in your head. Many people will not experience this moment. But many will. What do you do when you are in a car or motorcycle accident? Here are three facts about car and motorcycle accidents.

1. Spinal cord injuries are a real possibility. Over 35% of spinal cord injuries come from car and motorcycle accidents. Spinal cord injuries are difficult to overcome, leaving many people paralyzed and reliant on others. This will take a lot of time and money to manage. If you or someone you know have suffered a spinal cord injury because of a car or motorcycle accident, contact a personal injury attorney to get the settlement that you deserve. Personal injury attorneys can negotiate with the insurance company for a better payout that can help with medical and personal expenses.

2. Drunk driving is still a problem. Somebody is injured in a crash related to drunk driving every two minutes. Drunk driving is a problem across the United States. It seems no place is safe from the drunk driving forces. Driving while impaired slows reaction time and can cause deadly accidents. Parties on both sides can be hurt and suffer conditions that may never be corrected. Personal injury attorneys are equipped with the knowledge and experience to handle drunk driving cases.

3. Distracted driving is a problem, too. Nearly 3,500 lives were lost in 2015 due to distracted driving. Distracted driving may be looking at the digital displays in a car, texting, being preoccupied with the kids or other people in the car, or any other number of things. In this age of technology and long commutes, it is easy to be distracted while driving. This distraction can lead to accidents and sometimes death.

Driving is a responsibility. Motorcycle and car accidents happen daily and can have deadly results. If you are the victim of a car or motorcycle accident or know someone who is, contact a personal injury attorney or a wrongful death attorney. They can help you get the settlement you deserve to help with medical and personal expenses. Personal injury attorneys will listen to your side and fight for you. That’s exactly what you need after a car or motorcycle accident, someone that will be on your side.

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