Three Good Reasons to Have a Police Dash Cam


Police in car video systems

There are dash cams everywhere these days, and their popularity is only growing. The current global market for dash cameras was valued at $1,458 million in the year 2013. That market is forecasted to grow by more than 15% compounded annually from 2014 to 2020. One area where the in car video system is most in valued today is in police vehicles. The police in car video system is already being used in some localities, and with largely good results.

They are Increasingly Popular

Back in the year 2000, only 11% of highway patrol cars and state police were using an in car video system. Now well over 70% of them do. That’s because the technology is working to protect both citizens and police officers in many ways. The in car video system is similar to the body cameras that more police are using, too. Police who actually use them are more than 25% more likely to consider them a helpful way of interacting with people. Cameras result in 93% fewer public complaints against police, and they also are associated with approximately 60% less need to use force.

The Technology is Improving

Every year, the in vehicle camera system gets more sophisticated. The modern dash cams for police officers can automatically be triggered by certain programmed actions, such as turning on the siren or lights. Others can be turned on manually only as the officer judges necessary and important. Battery life is also improving. Previous cams had limited battery life, but the newest versions are integrated into the car and have few if any, real limits. It’s possible to let them run constantly so that there is never a time when they aren’t providing an update on the situation or available to record evidence.

They Provide an Objective Account

While the body cam is crucial, it can only provide a view seen from the perspective of the officer. If something happens to the side or behind the officer involved, the body cam’s footage may be useless. One of the benefits of an in car video system is that it can record from a third, objective perspective. It can capture things happening around a scene and not just what happens directly in front of the police officer. This can prove to be valuable digital evidence that protects officers and the department in court. At the same time, it can act as s deterrent and do a lot to protect officers on the street.

An in car video system is a great way to protect everyone: police officers, the police department, and ordinary citizens. It offers convenience, security, and objective evidence. It’s easy to acquire and install in a way that integrates with a police car. An in car video system is fast becoming one of the most crucial parts of modern policing.

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