Three Reasons You Would Want to Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer


Portland oregon personal injury attorney

When you sustain a personal injury that has possible legal ramifications, it might not be clear to you how many rights you have or that you have any at all. You are dealing with whatever accident has occurred. You don’t need to be worrying about the legal details. That is why you need to find a personal injury lawyer that is right for you, that understands the law, and can help you get your life back together.

A quality personal injury attorney is important for a number of different reasons, but let’s just take one area in which a good lawyer is a necessity: motor vehicle accidents.

The Association for Safe International Road Travel states that over 37,000 U.S. residents die in motor vehicle accidents every year. In 2015, there were approximately 32,166 motor vehicle crashes that were fatal. In 2013, motorcyclists accounted for 14% of all motor vehicle-related fatalities and 4% of all who were injured in traffic accidents.

You can see that this could present a need for a personal injury lawyer who would sort through all of the legal trouble. There are many reasons you might want to hire one in any city in America, and Portland, Oregon is no exception. Here are three reasons why a Portland personal injury lawyer should be on your speed dial.

1.) Experience assessing claims

A good personal injury lawyer will be experienced with cases like the one you have and can tell you right away if you any kind of a case. If you do, they will do what is necessary to proceed. If not, they can save you the time and money that it would take to prepare for litigation.

2.) Experience dealing with red tape

Confusing medical terms, complicated legal jargon, and mountains of paperwork are very common in personal injury cases. An experienced attorney can work through the maze of paperwork necessary to resolve your claim so that you can get your life back together. When you meet with a Portland personal injury attorney, he or she will ask you to provide documents you have relating to your injury. Then they will take it from there while you work on your recovery.

3.) Investigative help

Typically, an investigative team will work with a personal injury lawyer Portland Or style and get all of the information from as many sources as they can find in order for your attorney to prepare the best possible case from every angle. These investigators have the experience to gather and examine the technical aspects of your case. Providing them with all the information you have would be the best way to do your part.

Personal injury is a very difficult trauma to go through. Don’t let the legal aspects get in the way of your recovery. Call a personal injury lawyer today.

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