Three Ways to Avoid Getting Bitten By a Dog


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About half of all Americans will suffer a bite wound in their lifetime. One of the main causes of animal bites is dogs; about five million dog bites occur in the United States every year, and 10 to 15 of the victims die from infections. Here are a few ways to avoid getting bitten by a dog.

Know When to Approach
One of the most important things to remember to help you avoid ever being bitten by dogs is when it is safe to approach them. You should always avoid getting close to a dog when it is in a vulnerable position like eating, grooming, or caring for it’s young. These are times when a dog may feel more defensive and may be more likely to bite.

Always Be Cautious
Another important thing to remember is to just be careful, especially if you’re near a dog that you don’t know. Never assume that a dog you don’t know is going to be friendly. If you have to approach a dog, do it slowly, and give it a chance to smell you. Also pay attention to a dog’s body language. If the dog is showing its teeth, its hair is raised, or it is growling or barking, these are signs that the animal is agitated and you should back away.

Don’t Run or Scream
If you find yourself in a position with an agitated dog, never run, scream, or make threatening gestures at it. Back away slowly, always facing the animal, and try to find help. If you do get attacked, lay on the ground in a ball and try to cover as much of your ears and neck as possible.

If you have been bitten by a dog and you believe it was due to the dog owner’s negligence, you should contact a personal injury lawyer. Personal injury lawsuits that involve dog bites can be complicated in terms of determining fault, so you’ll need experienced legal counsel on your side. Research more here.

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