Top Three Indicators of a Bad Lawyer


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Lawyers can sometimes get a pretty bad rap, especially considering the portrayal they usually get on the big and small screens. They’re often seen as shady or sleazy, but this is rarely the case in reality. If you’ve suffered an injury and looking for the right personal injury lawyers, here are three things to look out for that indicate a candidate is not the right choice.

Poor Communication
One indicator that a potential lawyer is someone you don’t want to hire is that they can’t or don’t communicate well with you. Good communication between you and your lawyer is going to be essential for the successful outcome of your case. Especially in cases of personal injury lawsuits, knowing and understanding all of the details surrounding the incident is important for being able to determine and prove liability. If you can’t communicate this to your lawyer, your case will probably suffer.

Another red flag that a potential candidate may not be the right lawyer for you is if they are disorganized. Look around at their office when you are interviewing them. Are there stack of unopened mail or disorganized piles of paperwork? These might indicate that the lawyer is simply disorganized — which could be problematic if he or she loses or misplaces important paperwork related to your case — or that he or she just doesn’t care.

Another sign that a potential lawyer is not the right one is if he or she is ever dishonest with you or seems to try to keep information from you. You should always be updated on the progress of and details surrounding your case and there is no reason that he or she should try to keep things from you. Another red flag is if he or she tries to guarantee that he or she will win your case. A lawyer might be able to have a good guess but should not make promises.

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