Two Times You Should Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney


Dui criminal defense attorney

Having to deal with legal troubles is without a doubt one of the most stressful things that some people go through in their lives. The legal system often seems like an impenetrable labyrinth of laws, professionals, and court systems, but people should worry less about the stress of it all and more about how they’re going to deal with the issue so that their lives can go back to normal. Here are two times that finding a lawyer should be a priority.

1. If You’ve Been Accused of Driving Under the Influence.
If you’ve been accused of DUI, you could be facing some serious consequences. Even first time offenders could potentially spend between four days and six months in jail. Additionally, the fines for a DUI alone could cost you up to $1,000 — and this doesn’t include court fees, the cost of representation, and any other associated costs.

Finding a criminal defense attorney who has experience handling DUI cases should be your priority because he or she will likely be able to negotiate more lenient consequences to help you avoid jail time, heavy fines, and possibly license revocation.

2. If Someone Has Filed a Restraining Order Against You.
Another time that finding a criminal defense attorney should be a priority is if someone has filed a restraining order against you. These often arise in conjunction with domestic violence cases, which typically involve an allegation of assault on a spouse or immediate family member. Restraining orders can have the potential to limit where you can go and when, and who you can see.

If the situation is an honest misunderstanding, you have a right to defend yourself. If the restraining order is intended to be a permanent one, the case will have to go to court. If it does, having an attorney there to fight your case will increase the chances of a positive outcome.

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