What Does a Civil Litigation Attorney Work On?


This article covers in great detail all the components that govern civil litigation as a civil litigation attorney. The video features straightforward infographics supporting the narrative for an easy-to-follow journey through the process.

Civil litigation is a lawsuit based on non-criminal statutes. The video covers the criteria for filing a lawsuit, including which jurisdiction it can be filed and which court.

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The channel strongly recommends that people with a dispute contact a civil litigation attorney to assist them in understanding their options.

The process governing civil litigation has four specific parts: pleadings, discovery, trial, and appeal. The video provides a detailed summary of each part of the litigation process, including the court’s roles and each party involved in the lawsuit. The information is presented in a professional yet easily digestible way. While legal terminology is used, the channel does an excellent job of fully defining each term for comprehension.

The TorHoerman Law Channel’s video on the civil litigation process is perfect for anyone who wants to understand civil lawsuits or believes they have grounds for a suit. After watching the presentation, viewers will feel familiar with the process, removing any misconceptions they may have had regarding civil lawsuits.


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