What to Expect from a Medical Malpractice Lawyer


What Do Medical Malpractice Attorneys Do?

Medical malpractice attorneys are there to help you if you’ve experience some kind of injury or negligence at the hands of your doctor, or if you are a doctor being accused of malpractice. They are experts in what constitutes medical malpractice and can help to build a case for you. They will present evidence in court and work to prove that malpractice did or did not take place.

When Do You Need a Malpractice Attorney?

There are many situations that can constitute the need for a medical malpractice lawyer. Any time that you have sustained some kind of injury or illness because of a doctor or medical facility, you might have a case. Situations such as being given the wrong prescriptions, having a serious medical issue neglected, or a medical issue being made worse at the hands of a doctor all constitute as medical malpractice cases. You can also hire one of these lawyers if you are a doctor or facility being accused of these things.

How Do You Hire a Malpractice Attorney?

Hiring a medical malpractice attorney is just like hiring any kind of attorney. You will gather whatever evidence you have readily available and call a local attorneys office to schedule a consultation. It’s always best to do a consultation first to make sure you have a case and to be sure the lawyer you are considering hiring is right for you. At this meeting you can discuss with them the situation and what evidence you have available to determine if you should proceed with the process.

Some attorneys don’t require you to pay anything until they’ve won your case while others will want an up front retainer fee. Generally, malpractice lawyers will take a small percentage (less than half) of what you sue for after you win your case. It’s best to discuss this information before you officially hire a lawyer to make sure that their practices work for you and your budget.

You can find attorneys in your area by searching for them online or asking friends who might have been in a similar situation in the past. You can read reviews and research their firms online to make sure that they have experience and good reputation before you hire them.

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