Handling Divorce and Matters of Child Custody


Marriage stands as one of the oldest and most universal of all societal institutions, and for much of history it had, and still has, the function of uniting a man and woman into a single household that can create a family. This is still true today, and some parts of the world have also recognized and legalized same-sex marriage. Same-sex couples are often known for adopting children into their household. Either way, it may also be noted that divorce, the legal end of a marriage, is also common today. Some divorce cases may be relatively simple and straightforward, and may not require the hiring of divorce lawyers, not child support lawyers. In messier divorces with many assets and under-18 children in the household, each spouse in a divorce is likely to hire child support lawyers and divorce attorneys to represent their interests, and some matters may be hotly contested in a divorce.

Why Divorce Happens

Studies are done to see why Americans get divorced, and the number one reason for a divorce is sheer infidelity, when one spouse is unfaithful to the other. Finding out that your spouse is seeing someone else, especially in a sexual relationship, may very well prompt a strong emotional response that leads to the decision to file for divorce. Both men and women may commit infidelity, though not always for the same reasons. Another common reason for divorce is abuse on one spouse’s part, as a spouse may become violent, or verbally abusive or even sexually abusive toward members of their household. Use of drugs or alcoholism on one spouse’s part is also likely to prompt divorce proceedings, since such substance abuse may cause a personality change, abusive behavior, and a serious financial strain. The spouse may spend the household’s money on drugs or alcohol and probably lose their job, too.

Not all divorces are so dramatic, however. In many other cases, two married people will divorce simply because they realize that they are not compatible in terms of their lifestyles or spending habits. That, or they may simply lose interest in one another after some time. Studies suggest that couples who date for three or more years before getting engaged are less likely to end up getting a divorce than couples who got engaged hastily.


If one spouse has determined that they must end their marriage and dissolve their household, they may turn to local divorce law firms for help before filing for a divorce. The spouse may look up these firms online for reference, and they may visit those firms in person and get consultations with the lawyers who work there (this may or may not incur a fee). The client may then hire a lawyer whose skills, experience, and success rate are to their liking and begin the process.

In some cases, where abuse of some sort is present in the household, the spouse filing for divorce may relocate to a different, private residence for their own safety and peace of mind and ensure that the other spouse cannot find that address. If there are children in the household, the divorcing spouse may bring their children with them, and only interact with their spouse through their lawyer during the divorce. Meanwhile, the other spouse may very well hire their own lawyer to defend their interests. Both lawyers may use the law to negotiate and battle over details and division of assets in the marriage. In a household with a lot of money, or assets such as a car, boat, RV, or a vacation house or even a private business, there may be a lot to fight over.


What about child support lawyers? A simple, clean divorce in a childless household may not even require lawyers at all, let alone child support lawyers, but a larger household with children under 18 may involve the hiring of child support lawyers. These and similar lawyers will argue on their client’s behalf for child custody, something that may be bitterly contested between the two spouses. A jobless or drug-addicted parent may face low odds of custody, however. Children aged 12 and over, meanwhile, may even speak with the judge about their preferences on where they live during and after the divorce.

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